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Our biggest issue yet — and it’s all about CHICKENS.


With a range of topics from beginner to advanced, this 140+ page magazine covers everything from how to incubate eggs to how to create your own breed!


Perfect for aspiring, beginner, and veteran chicken-keepers alike! There’s something in here for everyone.


You Can Learn:


  • The Benefits of Owning Chickens
  • How to Raise Chickens in the City
  • How to Choose Breeds
  • How to Incubate Eggs
  • How to Brood Chicks
  • How to Build a Coop
  • How to Raise Friendly Chickens
  • How to Keep Chickens Entertained
  • How to Ferment Your Feed
  • How to Grow a Chicken-Friendly Garden
  • How to Raise Meat Chickens
  • Which Breeds Lay Which Colored Eggs
  • Preventative Health for Your Flock
  • How to Treat Common Ailments
  • How to Create Your Own Breed
  • Advice on Starting a Hatchery
  • And MORE!!


If you’ve got chickens or are planning to buy them this year — grab a copy of The Homesteader: Chickens!


Here's the link to the digital version only:


Note: Your digital download will be emailed to you immediately. Please give us 2 days to process your print order. 

The Homesteader: Chickens (Print + Digital)