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The TOP question homesteaders get asked online: "how do you make money?"


While the answers vary, they all have the same problem: not enough DETAIL. When a prospective homesteader is looking for ways to change their financial situation, hearing *what* someone does for a living isn't all that helpful. But if you add in the *how* --- you've got yourself a case study, and a real learning opportunity.


Recognizing the need for CLARITY and transparency in this realm, we've created the Homesteader Money Handbook. In these pages you'll find a deep-dive into the finances of a dozen homesteading families:


-How we make money

-How we save money

-How/where we invest money

-What our expenses look like

-and MORE


Join our families for a BIG conversation about money. No gatekeeping here: just laying it all out, in hopes of inspiring and helping people like you. This wave of homesteading is a cultural revolution -- and we want you to be part of it. Let's go!

The Money Handbook