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Learn how to homestead,
one handbook at a time.


The Money Handbook

The TOP question homesteaders get asked online: "how do you make money?"


While the answers vary, they all have the same problem: not enough DETAIL. This issue does a deep-dive into the finances of a dozen homesteading families:


-How we make money

-How we save money

-How/where we invest money

-What our expenses look like

-and MORE


Join our families for a BIG conversation about money. No gatekeeping here: just laying it all out, in hopes of inspiring and helping people like you. This wave of homesteading is a cultural revolution -- and we want you to be part of it. Let's go!

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Every homesteader's dream resource! Each popular homesteading animal is explained by longtime keepers in a down-to-earth way alongside beautiful photography. Learn about the pros and cons to each animal: how to prepare, what shelter requirements are needed, what to feed them, how to care for them, what medical issue the watch out for, what specific breed would work best for your situation, and practical advice from practiced homesteaders that are happy to share!

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Our biggest issue yet — and it’s all about CHICKENS.


With a range of topics from beginner to advanced, this 140+ page magazine covers everything from how to incubate eggs to how to create your own breed!


Perfect for aspiring, beginner, and veteran chicken-keepers alike! There’s something in here for everyone.

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Join us as we celebrate the beginning of SPRING with our March issue! Topics covered:

  • Strategic Garden Planning

  • Seed Starting 

  • Soil Testing

  • How to Grow Sprouts

  • Cold Zone Gardening Hacks

  • Wildcrafting and More!

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Stories from inspiring homestead families -- answering the BIG questions like:


-How did you get started?

-What first sparked your interest in homesteading?

-How did you find land?

-Where did you learn skills?

-What advice would you give someone starting out?

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100+ pages of articles, personal stories, recipes, and more from some of your favorite homesteaders. In this Winter 2022 edition, you can read about things like winterizing your homestead, running a farm business, and making sourdough brownies. Grab your copy now!


  • Cold Frame Gardening

  • Winterizing a Chicken Coop

  • Keeping a Dairy Cow in Winter

  • Burning Wood as a Primary Heat Source

  • Raising Backyard Meat Chickens

  • Dehydrating Food for Storage

  • Microgreens for Winter Gardening

  • Preserving Seeds

  • Learning to Bake Bread and More!


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